How to Strengthen Your Legs and Booty With Fabric Resistance Bands

Are you ready to start sculpting your dream body? There are tons of exercises you can do to build, lift and tone your gluteals, quadriceps and hamstrings, which contribute to the appearance of your butt and legs. Grab your booty bands and get moving with these booty-shaping moves!

Glute Bridges
This is an excellent move for toning your upper gluteal muscles, which help lift and curve the top part of your booty for that perfect round shape. Lay down flat on your back with your knees bent; keep your heels on the floor and point your toes up at the ceiling. Stretch the resistance band across the front of your hips and grip it tight on both ends, then lift your back and butt until only your shoulder blades are touching the ground. When you do this move, your abs and gluteus muscles (your booty) should be flexing and holding you up. You can either hold this position or lay back down and perform this move in reps.

Split Squats
If you want to strengthen your thighs and butt at the same time, this is one of the best resistance band workouts. Tie the band around your shins and stand with your right foot forward and your left foot back, heel lifted. Lower yourself into a squat and keep most of your weight over your right foot, holding your arms out to in front of you to balance; stand up straight, but keep your weight on your right foot and stretch your left leg up and out behind you. Remember to keep your chest upright and pull your elbows back behind you when you stand back up! Once you've done twenty reps on your right foot, switch your starting position and work on your left foot.

Lying Leg Extensions
With the addition of booty bands, this simple move is even more effective at whipping your legs and booty into shape! Start by laying flat on your back with one leg straight out and the other bent upward toward your chest. Stretch the band across the middle of your foot and grip it on either side, then stretch your leg out and up at a 45 degree angle. Be sure to lift your butt off the floor for every rep! When you've finished your reps on one leg, switch feet and train your other leg.

Banded Clamshells
Even if you couldn't find a fabric resistance band in Australia, this move is great for your whole lower body. Tie the band around your knees and get into a sideways plank, using your elbow and forearm to prop yourself up — your knees should still be bent and your hips stacked. Bring your right hand behind your head, lift your hips and turn your upper knee out to the side, keeping the your feet together. You can hold this position or lower back down and do this move in reps. When you've finished one side, be sure to do the other.

This move is sure to sculpt and smooth your thighs like never before. Tie one of your booty bands into a loop and stand on it with both feet shoulder-width apart, gripping a section with both hands together. Start your your knees bent slightly and your back almost parallel to the floor; using your butt like a hinge, stand up straight and tall. Your muscles are being activated in between your bent and standing positions, so take this movement slow and steady for maximum muscle building. If you want to work on fast twitch muscles, you can perform this move faster.
While it is hard work, sculpting and shaping your lower body is achievable with the right moves and the help of booty bands or other fabric resistance bands. Remember that quality takes precedence over quantity, so it's best to focus on performing a move well rather than doing a lot of low-quality reps at once. Try to incorporate these moves into your daily workout with some variety, as this can help your body develop muscle tissue more evenly. Above all, remember that safety is key — make sure you spend enough time stretching before and after a workout, and stay hydrated! Take good care of your body and getting your dream figure is sure to follow.

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