How Resistance Bands Tone Your Body and Build Muscle

The fitness industry has hundreds of products all promising to give people the perfect, lean, toned body. Not every piece of exercise equipment can live up to these promises. One type of exercise product that can offer fitness enthusiasts more for their money is the booty band. Booty bands are resistance training tools that allow beginner, intermediate and veteran exercisers to tone their body and build muscles. Booty bands exercises can target many different parts of the body with amazing results.

The Science Behind Resistance Training

Booty bands are a form of resistance training that uses force to help build muscles and tone. Resistance training helps build more muscle by using weights, resistance bands or bodyweight momentum. As you work your muscles against the resistance, the fibers inside of them change and grow. The muscles get bigger over time if there is a consistent routine of resistance training.

Resistance exercises are only effective if someone has a regular schedule of training. Experts recommend that exercisers add at least three days of resistance training per week to their workout routine. Additionally, it's also important to get the right amount of resistance. The weight or force should make the muscles work but not overdo it. The exercises must be completed in sets of repetitions and aim to tire the muscles without overtraining. There should also be a period of rest in between days of heavy resistance training.

Why Booty Bands Are So Effective in Your Workout

Booty bands are an effective tool for those looking to add resistance to their workout. The booty bands fabric is typically a stretchy material that can withstand repeated use over time. Booty bands also come in different strengths to give a more difficult workout. The fabric thickness increases to make the workout more challenging. Here are some other reasons why booty bands are so effective for resistance training.

  • Convenience – Working out with booty bands is a convenient way to bring fitness with you, even if you travel. It's also easy to store booty bands because they are lightweight and small when folded up. There's no need to place a large piece of fitness equipment in a small space with booty bands. They can go anywhere and be used in any fitness setting, no matter how tiny.
  • Flexibility – Booty bands also give people a lot of flexibility in their workout. When your workout becomes too easy with one type of band, you can buy more booty bands Kmart in a higher resistance to make things more challenging.
  • Inexpensive – Unlike other types of fitness equipment, such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, free weights and barbells, booty bands are inexpensive. If there isn't enough money in the budget for a gym membership or a complete set of barbells and weights, booty bands are a great alternative.

Targeted Booty Bands Exercises

There are hundreds of possible booty bands exercises that can be added to any fitness routine. Booty bands can also be used by many different body parts, not just the booty. Here are some of the ways booty bands can be used to target different muscles:

  • Glutes – Booty bands can give your body a great targeted workout for your glutes muscles. You can use them for squats, kickbacks, thrusts and bridges.
  • Legs – The legs can also benefit from a muscle-building booty band workout. Booty bands can be used to build and tone the quads, hamstrings and calf muscles.
  • Chest – You can also use booty bands for upper-body resistance training, such as on your chest and shoulders. Doing push-ups with booty bands around your arms can add a new level of resistance to your workout.
  • Arms – For the arms, booty bands can be used to strengthen the biceps and triceps muscles. Curls and row exercises are effective at toning this part of the body.
  • Core – Booty bands can also amp up your core workout and build the muscles in the abs. Adding them to bicycles, crunches, leg raises and planks can make you sweat and work harder.
  • Back – Additionally, your back muscles can be targeted with booty bands. Lateral raises, pull-downs, fly exercises, bent-over rows and pull-ups are moves that work with resistance bands.

Get the Most Out of a Booty Band Workout

Resistance bands can increase the workload on your muscles and give you faster results. The key is to be consistent with your booty bands and choose the right type of resistance. Beginners can start with the thinner, looser booty bands to work their way up to being stronger and having more endurance. As the level of fitness increases, it's important to periodically switch to a stronger resistance band to get more results and maintain gains.

Booty bands are also a great workout essential for the cool-down period and stretching. If you want to improve your flexibility and range of motion, use the bands to stretch out your quads, hamstrings, arms, chest and back after a workout.

How To Maximize Your New Fitness Routine

As with any fitness routine, you can maximize your results and keep your motivation going if you make other changes to your lifestyle. Working out with booty bands is only one piece of a comprehensive fitness plan. To get the best results, you will also need to adjust your diet and increase the amount of cardio exercise you get daily.

Booty bands can really work for you if you pair them with a healthy, varied diet. Eat plenty of fresh foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Get lots of protein in your diet to help your booty bands with building more lean muscle. Add cardio exercise, such as walking, running, biking or aerobics to your routine and maintain a caloric deficit if you are trying to lose fat.

If you are ready to start a new fitness routine, check out the booty bands options from Bondi Booty. You can build a home gym dedicated to resistance training without spending a fortune if you focus your workout on booty bands exercises. Build your booty and tone the rest of your body with this easy, inexpensive and fun style of workout today!

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