7 Ways to Tone Your Booty Without a Gym

Sometimes it can feel like getting a perfect booty is impossible — no matter how many squats you do, you're just not getting the results you're looking for. What you might not know is that sculpting your gluteal muscles takes a lot more than squats. It's less about the number of exercises you're doing and more about doing the right moves and giving your body what it needs to build the muscle. Grab your booty bands and try these tips for sculpting a perfect booty!

Go For a Run
Running and jogging are great for building and sculpting your gluteus muscles. The impact and motion of these exercises activate a variety of muscle groups, including your core, thighs, calves and gluteals; rapid flexing helps build solid muscle while keeping your booty toned and tight. If you're unable to get outside and go for a run, an elliptical machine or treadmill will work just as well. Remember: keeping a good form is key to properly developing your muscles, so try to hold good posture while you work out.

Take Advantage of Inclines
When it comes to climbing up a slope, your gluteal muscles help propel you forward and upward at the same time, which helps keep some of the strain off your back and builds firm, round buttocks. Walking uphill, increasing your treadmill's incline level or climbing up and down a flight of stairs are all great ways to lift and tone your booty while also strengthening the muscles that support it. If you want to add a little variety into the mix, try going up and down inclines at different speeds for different benefits.

Do Some Donkey Kicks
One of the easiest and most effective exercises for sculpting your gluteals, donkey kicks can be done virtually anywhere. Start on your hands and knees, then lift one knee and bring it forward underneath your chest; extend it as far out behind you as you can, making sure to lift upward as well. From here, bring your knee back down under your chest and begin again. Donkey kicks tend to be more effective at slower to moderate speeds, so focus on quality over speed. Remember to keep your active leg off of the ground at all times and don't be afraid to use your resistance band for an added challenge!

Knock Out Some Bridges
Another easy exercise that can be done almost anywhere without equipment, bridges are great at working your gluteus medius and gluteus maximus, the upper and lower muscles in your booty. Simply lay flat on your back with your feet planted on the floor and your knees bent, then lift your backside as high as it can go. From here, you have a few options:
• Hold this position for 10 seconds, then release (one rep)
• Lower your buttocks so that you're almost flat on the floor, but don't actually touch the ground (one rep)
• Perform hip circles by moving your hips and buttocks in a circular motion while keeping your thighs straight
Each of these variations offers different muscle-toning benefits, so try to incorporate all three in your workout.

Eat Enough Calories
If you're underweight and struggling to build your booty, you may need to increase your calorie intake. Without enough calories and nutrients, your body can't build muscle or store fat properly, making it difficult to sculpt your figure the way you want. If you do need to increase your caloric intake, speak with your doctor first to make a healthy meal plan.
Adjust Your Diet
On the other hand, you may have a hard time getting results if you are overweight. By taking in too many calories, your body develops fat cells that have nowhere to go if you don't burn them; these fat cells are then stored all over your body, covering your muscles and making it harder to exercise and see any improvements you may have already made. Speak with your doctor to build a healthy weight loss plan and ensure that you don't lower your caloric intake too much.

Whether you're shopping for fabric booty bands in Australia or taking advantage of the stairs to your apartment, it's easy to build your dream booty from almost anywhere. Remember to stay hydrated, focus on your quality of exercise and keep going no matter what — results are right around the corner!

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